To have a healthy lawn and manicured landscape B&B Landscape Maintenance will address the following areas. We will inspect your lawn and property to determine what's needed.

THATCH:   Thatching your lawn will remove the dead grass build up and allow your lawn to have a fresh start in the spring. B&B will:

  • Thatch lawn
  • Rake lawn to remove debris
  • Mow lawn

AERATE: Aerating will allow air and water to get to root zone which will help your lawn to grow vigorously. B&B will:

  • Aerate lawn
  • Mow up debris

TRIM SHRUBBERY: Spring is a great time to shape your shrubbery, as well remove any winter damage. B&B will:

  • Remove any winter kill
  • Shape as needed

INSTALL NEW BARK OR SOIL CONDITIONERS: We will gladly install mulch or compost, depending on your needs. B&B will:

  • Install soil conditioners to enrich the soil
  • Install bark to hold moisture and discourage weeds

FERTILIZE LANDSCAPE: The first fertilization of the season should be a well balanced fertilizer to give your landscape all it needs. B&B will:

  • Fertilize with 16-16-16, 6 LBS. per 1000 Sq. feet.

FIRE CONTROL: Protect your house from forest fire damage, and improve your property’s appearance.

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