We’ll take care of all your landscape problems while you do the things you want to do. If you enjoyed the way your property looked after our Spring Clean-up, you’ll appreciate our quality maintenance of your lawn and landscaping.

MONTHLY MAINTENANCE: This is what makes your property sparkle. B&B Landscape Maintenance will:

  • Mow
  • Edge
  • Trim hard to mow areas with a weed-eater
  • Weed planters
  • Blow down
  • Pick up litter

FERTILIZE LANDSCAPE: Your lawn will receive two types of fertilizer to ensure health and beauty. We alternate these as needed during the growth season. B&B Landscape Maintenance uses:

  • 21-0-0-4
  • 16-16-16

INSTALL BARK: We will bring samples of bark for you to choose from.  B&B Landscape Maintenance will:

  • Remove old bark if necessary
  • Install approximately three inches of new bark

TRACTOR WORK: We offer tractor service for larger jobs. B&B Landscape Maintenance will:

  • Mow pastures
  • Rototill for new lawns

FIRE CONTROL: We will clear your lot of all brush and trim trees as needed to prevent the spread of fire.


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CELL 420-0426

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